Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

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2016-2017 - 3rd Quarter

Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000 - 2016-2017 - 3rd Quarter
DateVendor NameDescriptionValue
2016-11-18Andrée Brunet Teachers and Instructors on Contract$17,402.00
2016-11-18Caron Professional and Linguistic Training Centre LTD / Centre de formation professionnelle et linguistique Caron Ltée Teachers and Instructors on Contract$38,035.80
2016-11-18Chantal Thériault Teachers and Instructors on Contract$11,752.00
2016-11-08CORADIX Technology Consulting LTDInformation technology and telecommunications consultants$226,000.00
2016-11-18CORADIX Technology Consulting LTDInformation technology and telecommunications consultants$77,913.50
2016-11-18Desjarlais, FrancineTeachers and Instructors on Contract$19,390.80
2016-11-18École de Langue GlynnTeachers and Instructors on Contract$22,600.00
2016-11-18École de langues La Cité Inc.Teachers and Instructors on Contract$62,150.00
2016-11-23Estelle Cardin-TremblayTeachers and Instructors on Contract$11,365.50
2016-12-13Florence Saint-ClaireTeachers and Instructors on Contract$16,950.00
2016-11-18François DeCosteTeachers and Instructors on Contract$20,509.50
2016-11-18Glendon Extended Learning / Formation continue à GlendonTeachers and Instructors on Contract$17,091.25
2016-12-13Hélène LégaréTeachers and Instructors on Contract$23,927.75
2016-12-22INSA Corp.License/Maintenance fees for client software related to Distribution Computing Environment (DCE)$24,821.22
2016-11-28ITProComputer equipment related to Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) - Desktop/personal/portable (includes all related parts and peripherals)$10,095.92
2016-11-18La Cité universitaire francophoneTeachers and Instructors on Contract$21,752.50
2016-11-18Lazhar FarzaTeachers and Instructors on Contract$50,341.50
2016-11-18Louise GagnéTeachers and Instructors on Contract$18,645.00
2016-11-18Magdalena Galicka-ZablotniTeachers and Instructors on Contract$11,441.25
2016-11-18Marie St-JeanTeachers and Instructors on Contract$18,362.50
2016-11-18Martyne RiouxTeachers and Instructors on Contract$31,075.00
2016-12-13Martyne RiouxTeachers and Instructors on Contract$22,374.00
2016-11-18Miville CoutureTeachers and Instructors on Contract$10,170.00
2016-11-18Monique RichardTeachers and Instructors on Contract$11,808.50
2016-12-16Quantum Management Services Ltd. / Les services de gestion Quantum ltéeTemporary Help Services$35,597.26
2016-11-18Rima MajaessTeachers and Instructors on Contract$12,430.00
2016-11-23Rita D'EntremontTeachers and Instructors on Contract$10,821.05
2016-12-13Services-Conseils Juridiques Mon Avok, S ATeachers and Instructors on Contract$11,017.50
2016-11-21Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd.Rental of Machinery, Office Furniture and Fixtures and Other Equipment$11,753.40
2016-11-23SRA Staffing SolutionsInformation technology and telecommunications consultants$75,936.00
2016-11-10Stewart LynchInformation technology and telecommunications consultants$13,560.00
2016-12-19Terra ReproductionsImaging Services$31,572.20
2016-11-18Université Sainte-AnneTeachers and Instructors on Contract$20,509.50