Supplementary Information Tables – Greening Government Operations

Green Procurement for Departments and Agencies Not Bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act.

As of April 1, 2014, the Government of Canada will continue to take action to embed environmental considerations into public procurement, in accordance with the federal Policy on Green Procurement.

Policy on Green Procurement
Performance Measurement
Expected Result
Environmentally responsible acquisition, use and disposal of goods and services.
Performance Indicator Targeted Performance Level
Further the implementation of the federal Policy on Green Procurement. Review and adjust the departmental acquisition card policy. Ensure that contracting/procurement officers complete mandatory training to support policy objectives. Include contribution and support of policy objectives in performance evaluations.
Expected Result
Reduce paper consumption and consider alternatives.
Performance Indicator Targeted Performance Level
Reduce paper mail-outs sent to clients. Reduce paper mail-outs by 20%.
Reduce paper purchasing and waste. Implement printer default to double-sided printing for all printers. Make client and personnel information available electronically.
Reduce printing volume to reduce cartridge usage, save energy and reduce carbon. Reduce cartridge purchases by 20%.
Allocate one drawer of recycled paper to large printers Increase the purchase and use of paper containing a minimum of 30% recycled content.